Raising the poverty level

Right now, I charge 15 dollars an hour for my work.  I know that this undervalues my labor, but I think that it makes me more affordable for the majority of my clients, who tend to be older and on fixed incomes.  Probably I should charge $20, but I would be pricing myself out of work.

To hear people talk about raising the minimum wage to $15 disturbs me, because I am not going to work for the minimum wage.  But what would be a realistic wage for me if the minimum is $15?  My fee is double the current federal minimum, so should I charge $30 an hour for my work?  How much work will I get at that wage?

For some reason, the idea of making $600 a week and still being broke does not appeal to me.  That is what a 40 hour week at $15 an hour would get me, before deductions.  Wasn’t so long ago that I made $600 a month working full time.  Raising the minimum wage will merely make it so that the poverty level will double from the income that it currently is at.

The problem is not the minimum wage, it is that most of the workers are making the minimum wage.  That is not right.


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