At war with ourselves

America is being wracked by violence, as Americans become further estranged from each other.  Remembering our interdependence, our shared future, and our ancient heritage can let us be one people.  Focusing on our differences, cultivating fear and mistrust in order to capitalize upon it, these are the expressway to chaos and anarchy.  Greed is destroying the sense of community that is essential for human survival, as a small number of people hoard the majority of the immense wealth that has been created over the last 100 years.

This wealth was the product of labor, people putting their energy, their work, into building, producing, and creating value.  Immense improvements in productivity allowed the wealthy to enjoy large incomes, at the expense of raising the standard of living of those who produced the wealth.  Enough money exists in the world for every person to have a home, food to eat, medical care, and education when they desire it.  Instead, a few hundred thousand control trillions of dollars, which is mostly just sitting in banks, numbers on computers.  The real wealth that has been created is mostly gone, squandered by the corruption,  waste, and apathy of our society.  We no longer invest in the future, because we are too busy trying to wring every penny out of the present.

Life is more than money or material things.  It is caring for others, sharing the beauty that surrounds us, and exploring the possible.  We have the opportunity to rise above the superficial differences and see each other as people, all the same, all with worth and value.  Our own fear of inadequacy, of not measuring up, of disappointing someone we care about is our greatest enemy, not someone who looks a little different and speaks funny.  One people.  One Earth.


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