The illusion that we are not all broke is getting harder and harder to maintain.  The corruption and greed have driven our world economy to the edge of collapse, where we have been dancing for the last decade or so.  The majority of the world economy is debt, whether it is held in ‘bad banks’,  accounts receivable, or bonds.  A ‘promise to pay’ is considered the same as cash, at least in the world of high finance.  It doesn’t matter how much you owe, what matters is how much you can borrow.

Lots, if you are willing to pay 25 percent interest, as well as fees, fees, and penalties.  Loaning money to you actually increases the worth, the ‘assets’ of the lender, regardless of your ability or intent to pay.  The more money they can loan out, the more that they are worth.  Banks are beginning to charge people for holding their money, instead of paying interest.  Money isn’t working like it used to, because it is no longer representing work, or value added, or anything real.

More money has to be created constantly, to replace the money that is disappearing. When we say we are ‘borrowing’ money, what is happening is that it is being created out of thin air, numbers in computers that keep track of the illusions for us.


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