Money is not wealth

Having lots of money is supposed to make you wealthy.  But all that means is that you have a bunch of something which only represents work, but is not actually work itself.  Work has many ways of creating wealth, by adding value to something, from extracting minerals to programming computers.  We have been deceived into thinking that creating more units of money is creating wealth, when all that really is happening is that numbers in computers are changing.  New bridges are not being built to replace old ones, more efficient housing is not being created,  people are not being educated, the things that are true wealth are not being created.

True wealth is living in a society where the education level is high, most needs are met more than adequately, and choices are abundant.  True wealth is having a bus system you can use as well as owning a car.  True wealth is having a water supply system which won’t poison you.  In spite of huge amounts of money being created, the wealth of the world seems to be declining.  This is a result of focusing on the individual, on materialism, and on greed.  The greed of the individual for material things drives our society, not the needs of the community.  But without the community, what does life offer the individual?

Our economy is being distorted beyond recognition by the illusion that money is wealth.  We are being robbed of our true wealth, through lack of investment and corruption.  Compensation for our work is shrinking, in spite of the numbers getting bigger.  We are discovering that you can have lots of money and still be poor.


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