Can we try that again?

Failure is a essential part of success, because it is through our failures that we learn the most.  Avoiding failure means to avoid creating, experimenting, modifying.  The fear of failure is used as a prod in our society, and we learn to look down on people who have tried and failed repeatedly.  We must expect failure when we are learning, instead of harping on perfection.

We should avoid heaping shame on people who fail, instead building them up for trying again.  Progress is impossible without failure along the line.  Judging a person for their failures is an easy way to destroy their soul, their will to live.  We evolved in an environment where the group needed every one working together to survive.  People helping each other in whatever way that they could, everyone having unique strengths to contribute.

Reinforcing each other is counter to the capitalist ethic, which fosters competition, exploitation, and greed.  Community is equated with communism, sharing with those with less is looked down upon as socialism.  The individual can override the rights of the group, putting the existence of the group in danger.

Every individual will die, but the group has the potential to survive.  Without the group, the accomplishments of the individual, what the individual learned, will be lost, forgotten.  Our ego lets us believe that we are important, but none of us are worth all of the future.


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