Do you feel me?

Empathy is central to the evolution of our minds, a critical aspect of our species’ survival.  Empathy is the ability to understand how another person feels, by putting yourself in the position of the other mentally.  ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’ is a common way of describing the process, although few people will walk a mile in anybody’s shoes these days.

Without empathy, we feel no hurt when we hurt others, and they feel no compunction to save us  when we are in danger.  We have to see a little bit of ourselves in everyone else, so that we can fit in, and so that we can relate.  What we see in others depends on the person, and who we are, and what we want to see, but feeling like we have something in common makes it easier to share, to feel trust, to admire.

Probably we all desire for things to be better, but working towards that goal, making the compromises necessary, requires trust and sharing.  We are one people, one family, sharing this tiny speck of matter whirling through the emptiness of space.  What happens to one of us could happen to any of us.  Without each other, we are nothing, for we will be forgotten, and what we achieved lost.  We are all important enough to save, everyone of us has worth.   Empathy is what we need to succeed, empathy is how we will grow.  Do you feel me?


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