The most spiritual time of the year

We are now entering what I consider to be the most spiritual time of the year.  The Life Force is withdrawing from the land, everywhere things are dying or entering hibernation.  The buzz and chatter of insects is gone, and few bird calls are heard.  Trees stand silent, barren of leaves.  The dead stalks of plants rattle in the wind.

Now is when my mind turns to those who have passed on, to my ancestors.  Most of the year, the Life Force is too strong for them to reach out to us, a wind blowing constantly.  But during this time, that gale has abated, allowing the thin strength of the dead to master the distance from their world to ours.

The symbols of Halloween evoke fear, yet they were meant to portray the Land of the Dead, to remind us that even after Death, there is a form of life.  This message was total heresy to the Christian Church, which maintains that the dead are unaware of the passage of time from their death until the Judgement Day.  The Church struggled to stamp out the pagan celebrations of this time, creating All Hallowed Saints Day to celebrate the existence of every person, whether they be a saint or not.

In the days of my youth, Halloween had nearly vanished, only celebrated by children seeking candy.  Since then, it has seen a resurgence, albeit a party-like one, with little or no spiritual overtones, but it is much more widespread than in the 1960’s.  As the fear of paganism has dwindled, people have become more willing to embrace Samhain, the ancient celebration of Death.

For without death, there can be no life.  If no one died, there would be no room for birth.  If nothing died, what would we eat?  Death is as essential to life as being born, but, like being born, it has been hidden away from us in hospitals, until it is mysterious and frightening.  Now is the time to remember the dead, to celebrate their accomplishments, to bring forth their stories.


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