Fighting the darkness

Today, I purchased a couple of LED light bulbs.  When I got them home, I was amazed at how much the LED light bulb has evolved in just a few years.  In 2013, I relamped my entire house with LED’s, both to save energy and to help invest in this new, highly efficient form of illumination.  Many of the bulbs I purchased cost in the 20 dollar range, but then, most of them are still in use in my house, three years later.  There have been a few premature failures, but mostly with off-brand bulbs.  I still am using the first LED bulb I bought, way back about 2003.  It has been on nearly constantly since I got it.

The bulb I bought today was a 100 watt equivalent, which produces 1500 lumens, or light units, using 14 watts of energy to do it.  I used it to replace a bulb three years old which was still working, but was dimmer than I wanted.  It was a 60 watt equivalent, which produces 860 lumens, and which needs 13.5 watts to do it!  So the industry has nearly doubled the output while using virtually the same amount of energy!  And the bulb was less than $10.00.  Half the price of the 60 watt equivalent, and for a name brand bulb, at that!  In addition, the new 14 watt bulb was much lighter than the 13.5 watt bulb, and had much less heat sink surface.

This is the science of civilization, the learning how to beat back the darkness without using tremendous amounts of energy.  Old incandescent light bulbs produced more heat than light, and had very short lives, at that.  Replacing old lights with LED lamps can reduce lighting costs, both in energy and in bulb replacement.  They are worth several times their cost, in durability, as they are much more difficult to break, and in life span, which measures in the thousands of hours.  Air conditioning costs will be lower if you use LED bulbs instead of incandescent or florescent, as those generate much more heat.  And the spectrum of LED lamps is much closer to the white of the old bulbs than the Compact Florescent Lamps.  Plus, they have no warm up time, even in cold weather.

LED light bulbs and fixtures are worth getting excited about, because they represent a fundamental advance in making light, which promises to reduce energy requirements substantially.  Thank Science and Investment for making more light for less.



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