Donald Clinton vs Hillary Trump

America is bitterly divided over two candidates who are very much alike.  Both are wealthy, partly as a result of shady deals, both have lied in public before, and both will tell us what they think we want to hear.  Yet some Americans are so disturbed by one of these candidates that they talk of armed insurrection.

Never before have I experienced an election where people are so reticent to proclaim their preference.  The lack of election signs for the two leading presidential candidates is striking, glaring evidence of the division this country is undergoing.  Many voters are afraid to display signs supporting their candidate, wary of threats of violence, verbal abuse, and intimidation.

People talk about the country being ruined, destroyed, undermined, betrayed, as they see cherished values changing or disappearing.  But the country will still be here no matter who wins.  It is our actions which will determine what happens.  If we riot in the streets, burning and pillaging, because our favorite lost, won’t we be the ones destroying the country?  Merely refusing to work together will sabotage us more effectively than any terrorist could hope for.

If you don’t like what the country is becoming, don’t try to destroy it.  Leave!  Go somewhere else, somewhere that people live the way that you want to live.  Or else work to make things better.  Ruining what we have because we don’t want it to change doesn’t seem very smart to me.  Burning down the house because you don’t like the curtains is a poor way of surviving.  We have to do better.


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