Israel destroying Israel

We have heard Secretary of State John Kerry denouncing Israel for allowing further settlements in the West Bank.  For many Americans, this is an issue of no importance.  But the predicament of the Palestinians is a major cause of the Islamic terrorist acts against the U.S.  The Arab world blames the Americans for refusing to force Israel to stop the settlements.

Another point of contention between Israel and the Arab nations is the status of Jerusalem.  Three major religions consider Jerusalem to be a holy city, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Israel wants to annex all of Jerusalem, and make it the nation’s capital.  Any effort to make Jerusalem a single religion will have tremendous repercussions.  Because of this, I suggest that Jerusalem be made an international city, separate unto itself.

A secular, non-religious government would be set up, to administer the city, maintain public works, and provide police and fire protection.  Funding would be provided by the three religious sects, in equal amounts.  Any person who wants to enter the city would be allowed, after passing through a security border.  There is already a multi-religious administration overseeing one of the holy sites in Jerusalem, and it has worked well for decades.

Israel is courting its own destruction, through demographics, not war.  Unless the Palestinians are allowed to have their own state, they will outnumber the Israelis in a few years, changing the nature of the nation.  Demanding the annexation of all of Jerusalem will incite violence, though probably not war.  Israel is on course to destroy itself.


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