What made America great

We are hearing a lot of talk about making the United States great again.  But what made America great before?  The people made America great.  People who were inventors, people who could figure out new, better ways of doing things.  People who were willing to work hard, and to share the fruits of their labors.  People working together were what made this country great,  people who shared a dream, who were willing to sacrifice some of today for a future they might never see.

Taking care of people is how we will make America great again, putting people ahead of profits, ahead of automation, ahead of shareholders, because it is people who create the wealth.  We must take care of our own, to insure that being elderly does not mean being forgotten, that being disabled does not mean being hungry.  We have created a tremendous technology, which has made levels of productivity possible that were unthinkable just a few years ago.  We all should share in the benefits of that technology, with higher wages, more benefits, more security.

When we treat people as being disposable, we all become disposable.


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