Do you believe?

We Americans are being asked to believe in something.  The people behind the new administration want us to accept that we are not all broke.  No matter what, they say, there will be money to spend.  They can build a wall to keep out the real money, just like the Soviet Union did.  They can censer the news, make sure that you only hear what they want you to hear.  But who are they, and why do they want us to pretend that we have money?

As long as we buy into their illusion, our debt remains real.  As long as we are convinced that we can spend, we will try.  Because the economy no longer is based on reality, we can say “Charge it” and walk home with it.  What the people behind the scenes want is for us to continue to think that money has value.  Even though it can be created without work, without effort, money is still supposed to represent something of value.

Money not only is supposed to represent value, but it also represents debt.  The money that was spent and not repaid is still in existence, in some computer somewhere, waiting to be taken back, with interest, fees, and fines, of course.  As long as we imagine that we are not all broke, that debt can live on in the shadows, in some ‘bad bank.’  They had to create banks that were different from real banks, so that they could keep track of the debt without letting it destroy the economy.

There is no money to spend making America great again, there is only more debt.  The wall will be paid for with money that does not exist.  This is why the stock market is going through the roof, because people expect to make money from the deficit spending.  As long as we all agree to believe, we can spend and spend.  You had better believe it!


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