So who am us, anyway?  Well, some folko call me a geek, some folks call me a nerd, and some folks call me a ccol dude.  Me, I think of myself as a techno poet witch photographer, who is good at fixing things, likes music, and who believes that the future can be better than the past.  My early years were spent in the San Francisco bay area, where my mother’s parents lived.  Some of my earlist memories are of riding in a car on the freeway, as we went to the city, visited friends, or went shopping.

When I was 9, my family moved to a little town in Washington state called Yakima.  Yakima is one the world’s largest hop producing areas, and my dad was in the hop business.  (Hops are used in making beer.)  I thought that the TV was broken when we first moved here, because there were only two stations.  But I didn’t mind, because it snows in Yakima some times, which I just love.  Of course, it also can get up over 100 degrees in the summer, so I got used to extremes.

Yakima seems to be a place where extremes are common, with extremely conservative people, extremely crazy people, and extremely beautiful scenery.  I came to love the sky here, day or night, and spent much of my time walking around, looking at the sky and talking to myself.  Making friends was hard for me for some reason, and I spent a lot of time reading.  Science fiction, history, science, and adventure stories were some of my favorites, and it was not unusual for me to have three or four books that I was reading at the same time.  I would put one down after a while, and pick up one of the others, and get right back into it.

In high school, I got into photography, and was on the school paper and annual staff as a photographer.  I also wrote a few things, but was not really into writing that much, except for what I called my poetry, which is not really poetry, but ‘free verse’.   I was not into rhyme, meter, and that kind of stuff, I just like to use words in my own way.  For some reason, people started to hang out with me in high school, probably because I skipped a lot and let people come over and hide during the school day.

Because I loved airplanes, and was very interested in technical stuff, I decided to go into the Air Force when I graduated from high school.  This took a lot of my friends by surprise, because they considered me too much of a space case to handle the military.  Somehow, though, I survived, at least for a while.  While in the Air Force, I was introduced to certain mind expanding practices, like smoking grass and dropping acid.  Eventually, I decided that the military was not for me, and the military came to the same conclusion.

So, I used my G.I. Bill benefits to pursue higher education.  I also studied sometimes, learning a bit about computers along the way.  Mostly, I just took what interested me, without any regard for achieving a degree.  So, I have a very broad, but unspecialized, education.   I used up my benefits while at Western Washington University, in Bellingham, Washington, and then started taking whatever employment I could find.

Eventually, I moved back to Yakima to help take care of my mother, and I am still here, but she is not.  While in Yakima, I worked as a stagehand at a local theater for 5 years, and then got into doing techical work, climbing towers and installing radio systems.  But I gave that up when I had to take care of my mom full time, and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.


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