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Russian interference? Nyet!


There is now overwhelming evidence that Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election had not the Russian government gotten involved.  And there is little question that Donald Trump does not represent the majority of the people.  What should we, the People do?  Vice-President Pence is so deeply in the Russian’s pocket that he had to recuse himself from the investigation, so merely impeaching Trump will not solve the problem.

I am incensed that our government has been corrupted by foreign interference, and I want to see action taken to right this wrong!  Oh, wait a minute…  We need the Russians to be able to get to the space station, don’t we?  We can’t put a person in orbit ourselves, can we?  And here we are talking about sending people to Mars.   No wonder people want to go to Mars, there is no intelligent life here on Earth.

The Russians got a double deal with Trump; not only someone  more pliable than Hillary Clinton, but a person whose personality is likely to destroy the office of the President of the United States.

Debt: Destroying us with money.


“Money and debt make it possible to influence people without having public executions.” Justin Michael Barnett 2017/03/14

Money has been fundamental to human development. Debt has been an instrument of mass destruction, which is ravaging our society, our entire planet right now. Debt is funny money, money which has not been made yet. However, debt can be recorded in American accounting as an asset, increasing the monetary worth of the lender, even though collection of a certain percentage of debt is impossible. Debt is the American contribution to the world, a slavery made possible by using material things as a basis of our self image.

Americans probably were not the ones who came up with the idea of a company store, where employees can charge food and other goods to an account. The company never paid quite enough to get by on, so most of the employees were in debt to the store. But if they quit, they would have to pay off the company store. American companies went into Nicaragua, bought up most of the countryside, and planted bananas. Then the locals were offered employment with the banana company, (Day-O! Daylight come and me want go home.) or they could starve. Or move.

But that was not the worst. In order to keep consumerism from collapsing due to the American public having spent their savings completely, easy credit was introduced. Debt. This was a creation of the banking industry, the idea that someone would be allowed to purchase something with money that they had not earned yet. The idea of individuals being able to borrow money is exceptionally recent, compared to the immense history of banking. But then, so is the economic model of consumerism, which is the structure of the American economy.

As consumers, we are expected to consume. However, we are not making enough to consume very much, in spite of how cheap everything has gotten. Things are so cheap because they are made from American materials shipped half way round the world, processed into goods by people making a dollar or two a day, and then shipped back to the United States. That is a simplistic generalization to illustrate the insanity which prompted manufacturers to abandon a labor market which demanded health care benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation time. Calculating the worth of products in money makes it seem worthwhile to ship materials to China to get finished goods back. There is no monetary way of calculating the value of jobs, health care, extended families, and happiness.

Those are some of the things that we have lost because of money and materialism. We should also include the environment, courtesy, patience, and sharing. Money allows us to live outside of the community, not dependent on group resources to survive. Debt shackles us to the past, destroying our future.

Keeping the sky from falling


Most people seem to have little interest in space.  They perhaps believe that nothing that goes on off-planet will affect them.  Yet, it has been shown that rocks falling on Earth can affect us.  Most recently, a city in Russia, Chelyabinsk Oblast, was nearly hit by a meteor large enough to destroy a building, and the shock waves damaged hundreds of buildings.  There are geological remains of impact craters kilometers across, and photographs of the results of a meteor blast which leveled trees for kilometers around.

Detecting these rocks from here on Earth can be very difficult, because they are dark and do not reflect very much light.  Also, some of them spend most of their time between the Earth and the Sun, so they are nearly impossible to see.  Back in the early 1990’s, a rock over a kilometer across passed between the Earth and  the Moon, and no one knew it was there until it was between the Earth and the Moon.  A rock that size would destroy an entire region, and could potentially cause extreme weather which would make life on Earth very difficult.  An impact of a similar size 65 million years ago is almost certainly what ended the long reign of the dinosaurs.

From outer space, rocks are much easier to detect, because they reflect some of the thermal energy of the Sun.  A satellite close to the orbit of Venus would be able to detect any large rocks with orbits near the Earth’s, and could also detect any intruders from the outer Solar System.  A few hundred million dollars for such a satellite does not seem too expensive to insure that we do not get blind-sided by a big rock.


Are community and society evil?


There is a lot of talk about how ‘socialist’ the Affordable Care Act is.  To me, socialism is society at work, the caring for of the individual by the group.  If we ditch society, what have we left?  The individual?  Individuals die, leaving behind nothing except what they have created that is of value to the group.  Society, the group, may survive, but the individual will not.  The group, the community, is what our effort should benefit, because if we make things better for everyone, they will get better for us, too.  But ‘community’ is very close to ‘communism’ in some people’s dictionary, and communism is the mortal enemy of capitalism.  Except in China, apparently.  Any talk of ‘sharing the wealth’ brings out rabid, growling conservatives, bound and determined to protect everything that they have acquired.

For too long have humans been able to survive as individuals, without the aid of the community.  Being a member of a group, a community, was essential for survival for most of human evolution.  Being a member of community is also the only way that what we have accomplished, what we have learned, will be passed on, remembered, used.  But wealth has made it so that some can believe that they are above the community, that they do not have to contribute to the welfare of the group.   To these people, society is an enemy, an adversary.  They view individuals as faceless drones, of no value beyond their ability to work and to consume.  They are comfortable exploiting these workers because they are not part of the same community.

We can now look back at our home from outside, from the orbit of the Moon, for instance.  What we see is a single planet, which we all share.  No longer can we pretend that we are separate from any others.  We are all in this together.


Afraid of what we need


People are expecting many changes in the near future, some are hopeful, some are fearful, and many are hoping that things will go back to the way that they were.  Trying to stop change is fruitless, because change is inevitable, and perpetual.  We can deflect it sometimes, channel it in ways that are beneficial, or slow the change down, so that we can cope with it more easily, but stopping change is impossible.

We must learn to ride the change, as a surfer rides the wave, or a kayaker rides the current.  We can draw power from change, when we direct the change in ways that benefit us.  We are constantly presented with decisions that will allow change, or deny it.  When we repeatedly deny change, our choices dwindle, until we are left with none.  The change will happen without our input, our guidance.  Knowing what is important is critical to guiding change, because we must look ahead and see what is coming.  Without a sense of where we want to go, of what we need, we are lost when suddenly confronted with a choice.

Often, people complain that they are detoured away from their objectives, diverted from their chosen path.  We must understand the difference between plans and goals.  You can plan how to reach a goal, and sacrifice everything trying to do so, or, you can keep your goals while navigating the convoluted, winding path that appears before you.  By holding on to a goal, we have guidance in our riding the flow of change.

A new gender type


Perhaps it is time to admit a new gender to the human race, ‘womyn’, the male version of women. Because some men are behaving as though there was no difference in the sexes. They are masculine without being macho; empathetic, sensitive, nurturing, resilient, compassionate, and many other traits that have been traditionally considered feminine. This is essential, because it is the male of the species who must change, not the female, if true equality of the sexes is to occur. Of course, as men change, so will women. But the changes in society that must occur involve men being able to act more feminine, not women becoming more manly.

Even big, hunky men can behave as gently and compassionately as a women would, and they naturally would, except for programming from their society that such behavior is unmanly. In repressing women, men have repressed themselves, denying themselves the outlet of emotion, the renewing effects of nurturing, the vulnerability of displaying affection for another. By admitting that men can behave in feminine ways, we admit to a blurring of the lines between male and female. Our society insists on maintaining very definite roles for men and women, That must change, we must recognize that gender and social roles are not set in stone.

Merry Christmas, again!


Some parts of the world celebrate Christmas today, January 7th.  The Eastern Orthodox Church apparently uses a different calendar than the West, and January 7th corresponds with December 25th.  Russia is one country which observes Christmas today.

For our ancestors, January was the time of celebration.  For one thing, there wasn’t much to do, and sharing resources helped to stretch them out.  Often times, it was difficult to tell if the days were actually getting longer, because of bad weather.  Yule Tide celebrations would go on for weeks after the Winter Solstice, as people traveled around to visit friends and relatives.

On February 2nd, the festivities would be renewed, with the celebration of Imbolc, or Brigid.  The Christian church eventually had to bring this holiday into their belief, and so called it Candlemas.  This is a celebration of light, a reaffirmation of the return of the Sun.  For some reason, people took the concept of the world sliding into eternal night very seriously.

Western society has been drastically altered by the Industrial Revolution, such that long celebrations are frowned upon.  What had been a month of partying was squeezed down to 12 days, then a week, until now it is a brief interlude on December 25th.  I am fighting back!  I say “Merry Yule Tide” for much of January, burning my pretty lights from December 25th all the way until late January.  Hey, some people start burning theirs right after Thanksgiving.  To me, they are not Christmas lights, they are Yule Tide lights.  So there!

The darkness descends


Black Friday.  Materialism is in control of the television, the radio, the newspaper, even the web.  ‘Save Now!’  ‘Lowest prices of the season!’  Sanity deserts the shopping malls, the strip malls, the streets.

Meanwhile, the days grow shorter, and colder.  Winter is upon us, and our instincts are screaming ‘conserve’, ‘hibernate’, ‘hunker down’.  Survival has always meant eating very little, staying indoors, dressing warmly, because what we have now will have to last until next Summer.

Many people find this season depressing, the desire to spend freely on loved ones conflicting with the reality of an empty pocketbook.  The expense of a gift overshadows the concept of giving a gift, as if the amount that we spend on someone reflects how much we care about them.  People will go into debt to insure that the gifts that they give are ‘acceptable’.

This is a time when we should be reflecting on the year past, and remembering our ancestors.  This is a time for working on handicrafts, making gifts for those we love.  When we spend hours on a gift, we work our love into it.  The energy we pour into that item will be received by the person we are thinking about, a gift which can not be bought.

The darkness is a time of love, of remembrance, a time for sitting by a fire, knitting, carving, painting, creating a unique gift for a unique person.  If you wouldn’t spend hours working on a gift for a person, perhaps they don’t deserve anything beyond a card.  The important thing is to remember others, not to try to impress them with how stupid you are.  Don’t spend money you don’t have trying to get someone to love you.

Hurting to help


In order to nurture someone else, I have to become vulnerable, exposing myself to criticism, anger, and hurt.  Caring for someone else requires caring for myself, otherwise I hurt them by neglecting myself.  Believing in oneself in order to say “I can do better this time” is how we keep going, in spite of our anger at failing before.  Living with someone who is in mental anguish, or rage, or serious depression is taxing, as is living with those states of mind in your own head.

My depression has sprung from feeling unable to connect with others on a level I believe possible, even though the evidence is that people have been very attracted to me and I have been unaware of their caring.  My own barriers are what hold me in, my prison is of my own making.  My concern and love for others drives my obsession to help them, to do anything for them, yet I don’t feel the same way about myself.

Sometimes I think that I fear becoming greedy, or arrogant, if I take my own importance to be equal to others.  Other times, I am convinced that what I feel is the genetic urge to give my energy, my effort, to the group, the community.  At some level, I know that my existence is finite in this world, that I shall pass on.  But the community that I live in can continue, indefinitely, preserving the things that I have accomplished, the things that I have learned.

Something that I am a part of can continue after I am gone, something which is bigger than I am, something that gives my life meaning.  Existing only to take from others without contributing at all is beyond my imagination, and I fear that I will not be valued if I am not contributing.  Accepting my value to my community seems like taking something from it that I do not deserve.

Probably this stems from rejecting myself as a child, because I did not receive enough affirmation to convince me that I was important to the group, that I was valued.  My bodily needs were met, more or less, but my spirit was adrift, alone, without an anchor.  There were no adults that I felt a special relationship with, that I could confide in, or expect to give me their time.

The investment of time into our descendants is essential, especially for the elderly and the young.  The young need the complete attention of an elder, many times throughout the day, to develop a proper sense of self-esteem.  It may not be the same elder, but children need elders around who are willing to stop what they are doing and devote their time to the child.  This has been a central element of human society until the very recent past.

Donald Clinton vs Hillary Trump


America is bitterly divided over two candidates who are very much alike.  Both are wealthy, partly as a result of shady deals, both have lied in public before, and both will tell us what they think we want to hear.  Yet some Americans are so disturbed by one of these candidates that they talk of armed insurrection.

Never before have I experienced an election where people are so reticent to proclaim their preference.  The lack of election signs for the two leading presidential candidates is striking, glaring evidence of the division this country is undergoing.  Many voters are afraid to display signs supporting their candidate, wary of threats of violence, verbal abuse, and intimidation.

People talk about the country being ruined, destroyed, undermined, betrayed, as they see cherished values changing or disappearing.  But the country will still be here no matter who wins.  It is our actions which will determine what happens.  If we riot in the streets, burning and pillaging, because our favorite lost, won’t we be the ones destroying the country?  Merely refusing to work together will sabotage us more effectively than any terrorist could hope for.

If you don’t like what the country is becoming, don’t try to destroy it.  Leave!  Go somewhere else, somewhere that people live the way that you want to live.  Or else work to make things better.  Ruining what we have because we don’t want it to change doesn’t seem very smart to me.  Burning down the house because you don’t like the curtains is a poor way of surviving.  We have to do better.