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Republicans just say “No”


The new strategy of the Republican party is to just say “No”.  No to anything that represents progress, because the Democrats are in control.  The Republicans are willing to sacrifice the working of government in order to take back control of that government.  To what end to they seek control?  To stop any attempt at new regulation of the financial sector, to stop implementation of the first attempt at health care reform.  To allow unbridled access to America’s parks and national forests for resource extraction.  To insure that the rich get richer, and that middle class folks are set with an even greater burden.

Our economy is still suffering the effects of the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.  Evidence is mounting that this was not simply a bursting of a bubble, but an orchestrated, planned destruction of wealth, in order that wealth could be consolidated by a select few.  Most people lost money in the Great Recession, but some people made money.  Lots of money.  The government was forced to take unprecedented actions to keep the entire economy of the world from collapsing.  The Republican administration under George Bush took those steps, reluctantly, yes, but with no alternative which would not lead to complete economic meltdown.

Now, those same Republicans are trying to blame the Obama administration for what their president did.  They cry “No more bailouts,” yet what do they offer as a means of preventing the same situation from happening again?  Obstructionism, denial, and misrepresentation.  It was the Republicans who took this nation to war, violating the most basic of all rules, that against attacking someone who has not attacked you.  The Republican party has allowed flagrant violations of safety laws in the coal mining industry, sought ways to evade the Clean Water Act, and saddled our efforts to explore the Solar System with an unworkable program.

What kind of person will deny any effort to accomplish something merely to make themselves look good?  A Republican will.  Republicans see no problems with the health care system in the United States, even though the costs of providing health care to state workers is bankrupting the states, and growing numbers of Americans have no access to health care beyond the local Emergency Room.

The Republicans want you to believe that they are protecting the core values of the United States.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  What they seek is further license to steal, to degrade, and to swindle.  Democrats opposed Republican legislation because they disagreed with it.  Republicans oppose Democratic legislation because it is Democratic legislation, even if they agree with it.  They are willing to allow the financial sector to take another stab at destroying America, just so that the government that oversees that destruction will be Republican.


You lie, I hope!


When something does not fit our preconceptions, we discount it, try to ignore it, pretend that it is wrong.  When a white Southerner shouts, “You lie!”, he is trying to convince himself and others that what he sees ain’t so.  Many people want to believe that the system isn’t broken, that average people are not being smashed flat by the wealthy, that a sick little girl can go to the doctor.  But what is the truth is the opposite of those wishes, an ugly, twisted truth that decent people don’t want to believe can happen here.

The crisis in health care is indeed a crisis, because it is destroying our trust in our system, in our belief of equality.  This crisis threatens the financial stability of state governments, the future of large companies with retirement plans, the very health of our children.  People are literally dying because they do not believe that they can afford the health care that they need, or because they fear the financial burden that befall them if they seek that care.

State governments across the country are seeing the health care benefits that they extend to their employees bankrupting the public coffers.  General Motors collapsed because of the cost of health care for its retirees, not because its cars were not as popular as another automakers.  A rapidly increasing number of Americans have no health care provider beyond the local Emergency Room or fire department paramedic.

And all of this for what?  To make sure that the wealthy continue to get wealthier.  The health insurance industry will always be profitable, right up until the time that the health care system collapses, because the companies involved will always consider their shareholders first, last, and always.  No matter how many people it takes to process claims, handle the accounting, or wash the windows, the insurance companies will charge enough to show a profit.  Nor do they have any incentive to keep their operations as slim and efficient as possible, because people who want assured access to health care will have to pay those companies the premiums the companies set.

These are hard truths, that strike at the very core of our beliefs about equality and justice.  Discounting them, calling them lies, makes it easier to pretend that they are not truths.  But it does not change the fact that there are children all over the country who cannot go to the doctor.